Why Cats Should Drink Water

Cats, just like humans, need water to maintain their bodily functions. While cats can survive with little to no water, it’s important that they do drink water regularly. There are some risks associated with not drinking enough water. This article is about the importance of water for cats and how they can maximize the benefits of drinking water.

Benefits of Water for Cats

Lack of Water

Cats can survive on smaller quantities of water compared to other animals due to their developed urine concentrating mechanism. (Sorry if that was TMI, but we thought you should know)! Their low thirst drive allows them not to feel the need to drink as often.

However, lack of water in cats can result in dehydration. Cats can easily develop dehydration, which means they need to frequently hydrate to stay healthy. If your cat has decreased thirst or dehydration, there is a possibility your cat could be showing symptoms of urinary disease (bladder ailments or LUTD). Check with your veterinarian and keep your cat hydrated.

Water Is Healthy

The ways your cat can benefit from water are as follows:

  • Help in food digestion and nutrient absorption.
  • Act as a carrier for nutrients in the cells.
  • Maintain a normal body temperature.
  • Remove waste through the body by urine and bowel movement.
  • Act as a cushion for joints.

Recommended Type of Water for Cats

The best option of water for your cat is tap water. It would be best if some filtration system is attached to the tap so that it can remove the unwanted odor. If your kitty likes to drink running water, you can purchase a water fountain for her. Water is an essential nutrient for cats and without cats can suffer from dehydration and death. It’s essential to always supply clean, fresh water to your kitty so she stays happy and healthy.

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