When You Can’t Stop Crying: To Your Eternity Review

Hey, you! Thanks for checking out my blog. If you don’t know about To Your Eternity, learn more about it here.

There’s a riddle that I think perfectly describes To Your Eternity. It reads as follows:

In the morning, I have four legs. In the afternoon, I have two legs. In the evening, I have three legs. What am I?

Do you have any guesses? I’ll tell you. The answer is human: four legs for a baby that crawls, two legs for an adult, and three legs for an older person with a cane.

To Your Eternity seamlessly covers all walks of life from beginning to end as viewers follow the journey of Fushi, an immortal being. For those familiar with the series and manga, we try not to get too attached to certain characters, but sometimes we can’t help it. We know these characters may only last a few episodes, but we still feel the hurt or sadness when they’re gone. For instance, Episode 1 “The Last One” made me sad, and Episode 13 “Aspiring to Go Higher” gutted me :’-( I had to take a two-week break before I got into the rest of the series that ended with the Jananda arc. I don’t feel like the last arc was as good as the other arcs, but it was fine. And just when I thought To Your Eternity was done with my emotions, episode 20 “Echoes” said, “Hold my immortal being.” (Corny, I know. That’s the most I could come up with for a To Your Eternity joke :-D)

After watching To Your Eternity, I learned that I like some anime shows in the coming-of-age genre. Also, what made me gravitate to the show was it reminded me of Under Skin. (The book and movie slightly differ, but they’re both good.) But where Under Skin took a more sinister turn, To Your Eternity explores the humanity from a more curious POV. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the show. I may look for more shows by the creator Yoshitoki Ōima. *Googles A Silent Voice*

If you’re into drama, coming-of-age, and entertainment that pulls at the heartstrings, I’d recommend To Your Eternity. If you’re dealing with the loss of a loved one, you may find this show therapeutic. Season 2 comes Fall 2022.


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