That Aha Moment: Blue Period Ep. 1 Reaction

It’s October 9th, which means Blue Period is out on Netflix. Regarding the manga, I haven’t read it, so this Netflix weekly premiere is my first time I’ve seen Blue Period. I felt like a kid, sitting around and waiting on Saturday morning cartoons while searching for the show. As soon as I tuned in, I was hooked! The first episode “Awakening to the Joy of Painting” did not disappoint.

The main character Yatora Yaguchi reminds me of a person who’s in a rut, but doesn’t know he’s in a rut. I think we all go through that. We’re just going through the motions and missing that spark. Yatora likes to play it safe and he lives his life for others. Now, as noble as that sounds, I do believe we need to live a little for ourselves. When Yatora paints for the first time on this episode, I think he gets a glimpse of what it means to live passionately. Not only that, but he picks up an interest in art that may be his one shot to live the life he truly desires. I don’t want to spoil the episode, but the stage is definitely set.

Another interesting point the anime touched on was the difference between talent and skill. I saw a few videos on YouTube that discussed this topic as well in relation to Blue Period. There was even some peer pressure going on in the first episode. I just found a lot of good talking points from this show. And this is only week one!

On a personal note, this show reminded me of my high school days. At the time, I was really into art, so I auditioned to get into my school’s Visual Performing Arts program. Although I did art, my advisor told me that I seemed more like an academic student. I didn’t know what she meant until I became an upperclassmen when all my peers were applying to art schools and I was applying to non-art schools. I learned I liked art, but it wasn’t my passion. As for the main character Yatora, I hope he does find his passion in the show.

I’m sure you can tell I like coming-of-age anime shows, and Blue Period falls into that genre. I’ll probably watch the show again. I think you should check it out. I look forward to the rest of the show.


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