RCC’s Review – Demon Slayer: Mugen Train

Today I decided to go to the movies to see Demon Slayer: Mugen TrainI always stressed that I’m not a fan of shonen anime, but Demon Slayer was the exception. The trailer for Mugen Train looked exciting and the show’s graphics amazed me. Not to mention, anime movies rarely came to US theaters. I wasn’t about to miss my chance to check out one on the big screen.

I hadn’t been to theaters since December 2019. There were a total of seven people, including me. It felt good to immerse myself in the experience. As the lights dimmed, I looked forward to the movie.

The only thing I hadn’t accounted for was how loud the theaters could get. I forgot theaters had surround sound.  Honestly, it was my fault for not bringing ear plugs. Like any shonen/action movie, Mugen Train got loud a few times, but it was understandable. The characters had a lot going on.

So, I’m sure you’re wondering what I thought of the movie. I’ll get right to it. The movie was good.

The movie picks up where season one of Demon Slayer ended, so I recommend you watch the show on Netflix if you’re not familiar with the plot. But even if you choose not to watch season one, I think the movie provided enough context clues for a new viewer to get it. I’ll admit I didn’t watch every episode of season one of Demon Slayer and I was still able to follow the plot.

The plot was simple – the demon slayers went on a train to hunt for a demon. The demon they hunted for controlled dreams, and with their blades, they could end the nightmare. The movie poster speaks for itself. But even with such a simple plot, the movie managed to have twists and turns. I felt like I got two movies for the price of one.

I’m not about to get into each character because I’m not a fan girl. However, I will say that all the protagonists did their part and so did the antagonists. The action was good and the humor was funny. There was one line that stuck out to me, but I don’t want to spoil the movie. If you saw the movie, let me know what you thought.

RCC Rating: B

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