Floppy Fish Toy



Floppy Fish Toy

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The floppy fish toy includes catnip inside and uses 3D print technology to give a realistic appearance that will keep your cat happy and excited. When your cat touches the toy, the fish will automatically swing and make a sound. This toy is great for biting, chewing, kicking, and sleeping. Plug in the USB charger with the zipper style on the fish belly and operate the button to turn on the fish. There is an option for catnip. Dimensions (11″). Charge: USB. Shipping: 10-15 days.

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Grass Carp, Crucian Carp, Salmon, Red Crucian Carp, Red Crucian Carp and Catnip, Crucian and Catnip, Salmon and Catnip, Grass Carp and Catnip


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