First Aid Kit

First Aid for Cats

Your cats depend on you for their safety and well-being. Runa’s Cat Café has compiled a list you can use for first aid and emergencies. Check out our list to learn what you can do to keep your furry friends safe!

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Vet Wrap:
Ace Bandages:
Saline Wound Spray:
Ear Cleaner:
Chlorohexidine Wipes:
Pet Thermometer:
Petroleum Jelly:

Eye wash:
Vetericyn Antimicrobial Sprays:
Flea & Tick Remover:
First Aid Book:
Medical Syringes:
Non-sterile Gloves:
Sterile Gloves:
Styptic Powder:
Nail Clippers:
Grooming Scissors:
Cotton Pads:
Revolution Flea and Tick 5-9 lbs & 9 lbs +:

Sharps Container:
Red Light therapy: