Cats Take ‘If I Fits, I Sits’ Seriously

Cats are curious animals for sure. They are always interested in trying out new things. One of the things that cats love most is sitting. However, unlike dogs, cats do not mind where they sit. They don’t generally care if they are sitting on your favorite sofa, a counter, or even a box. Instead, they seem to enjoy sitting in spaces where they fit because cats take where “I fits I sits” seriously, even if the spot they’re sitting is an illusion.

Why Do Cats Like Small Spaces?


If you have an affinity for cats, you’ve more than likely noticed that they like to curl up in the small, cozy boxes. What many people don’t realize is that most on the floor most cats sit on the two-dimensional contours of a square box. In addition, a new study has found that pet cats also sit in the optical illusion, which looks exactly like if one were looking at a square.

Many scientists have tried to explore what’s inside a cat head and why they like to sit in small boxes. “There are two main theories why cats enjoy sitting and relaxing in small cardboard boxes. The first is that they were once kittens themselves. Naturally, they would always want to be surrounded by their siblings to feel comfortable and protected and it’s a natural cat behavior.”  

The other theory is that being enclosed makes them feel like they’re ambushing something when hunting for prey—it’s somewhat the exact angle from which cats go after prey, like rodents. Being in small spaces can make them feel like they’re ambushing their prey, which brings out their hunter instincts.

There are even studies conducted on why cats like these optical illusions and why the cats are sensitive to these illusions.

This optical illusion shows why cats love to sit in small, confined spaces. So, what’s your cat’s favorite hiding spot. Let us know below.

Does your cat sit everywhere?

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