Cat Noises

Have you ever wondered what your cat is saying? What do they mean when they make different noises? Have you ever thought of any of these questions? If yes, then you have landed in the right place. Here, we will be discussing different sounds that cats make, the meanings that are tied to those noises, and what it means about their state of mind and your relationship.

Most Common Sounds Cats Make


Meowing is the most common sound made by cats. A cat meows to communicate with other cats, but they’re often heard making these noises in front of humans, too. The main purpose behind this cat’s behavior is that she wants your attention and will sometimes also use this sound as a demand to get something.


Cat purring can be interpreted in many ways, but a lot of the time it’s easily recognized as a sign of pleasure. When people hear cats purring when there seems to be no reason for them to do so, however, that often occurs when they are cuddling in your lap and making this noise.


Does your cat ever hiss? If so, you ought to get it checked because such behavior could indicate that there’s something wrong. Cats often make this sound when they get in some sort of trouble, you should best heck your cat health. Even a three-month kitten knows how to make this sound.

Know Your Cat

Cats are known for their unique personalities. They can be playful, affectionate, loving, and independent. It’s no surprise that they make a lot of different noises. A meow, hiss, and purr are just a few of the noises that cats make. The next time your cat makes a sound, try to understand the meaning. What’s a noise your cat makes that stands out. Tell us in the comments (=🝦 ༝ 🝦=)

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