Cat Calendars Galore

Ever since I went to college, my mom would get me cat calendars. Often, my roommates would ask if I even liked cats to which I replied that I did. Once I graduated college, my mom would gift me cat calendars for Christmas. I never asked for them. My mom just gave me these calendars as a tradition. In a way, I feel like my mom started the foundation for my love and appreciation for cats, which I found funny because she was allergic to pet dander.

Growing up, I didn’t own any pets besides a fish my brother and I had named Billy Betta. I used to get pet books from the library as a kid, but after a while I accepted that I would never have a pet until I moved out. Although I wasn’t ready to get a pet yet, I always watched cat videos as a form of entertainment. My fascination with cat videos didn’t go away. Now, I realized I wasn’t alone. A lot of people watched cat videos and the videos were proven to boost people’s moods. I thought I saw somewhere that there are even cat video conventions, but of course a convention would have to be virtual during these times. I just find cats entertaining. 

In honor of my mom, who started this “catpalooza”, I think I would do a cat calendar when I get business up and running and dedicate it to her.

As we continue to go through these unprecedented times, I think it’s important that we unite as a society and protect our furry companions. My cat café is coming, and I hope you all can support it. Also, support local business, black-owned business, women-owned business, etc. We’re all trying to make it.

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  1. My mom, a cat lover is also allergic to pet dander lol. But still owns two cats. 😅 Looking forward to your grand opening!

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