The Egyptian Goddess Bastet: Her Connection to Cats and Representation in Anime

Who is Bastet?

Bastet is an ancient Egyptian Goddess, worshiped for being a fierce warrior and gentle protector. She was originally depicted as a lioness, or woman with a lion’s head. Throughout many dynasties, her image evolved into that of the domesticated cat. Most believe this was in tandem with the domestication of cats.

Thought to be the daughter of the Sun God, Ra, and protector of Egypt. She has been depicted as a defender of the king, goddess of pregnancy and childbirth, and protector against contagious disease and evil spirits.

Bastet was worshipped as early as 2890 BCE. She is still present in pop culture today.

Ancient Egypt and Cats

In ancient Egypt, cats were thought of as a divine symbol. This, most likely, started from a functional mindset. Cats were both pets and protectors of the home, as they would kill or chase away pests such as rodents and snakes. However, royals began to display their affection for cats by dressing their felines in gold.

Cats were represented by multiple Egyptian Gods including Sekhmet, another lioness Goddess and protector. Ancient Egyptian’s believed that their Gods could take the form of animals, which led to the worship and personification of cats.

 Many ancient Egyptians had their cats mummified and depicted in the images on their tombs in hopes that their cats would accompany them in the afterlife.

Bastet in Anime

Bastet’s most popular pop culture appearance is in the anime series JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. She appears in the third part of the series titled Stardust Crusaders. Bastet is represented as the stand of the character Mariah. This stand resembles an American outlet with a cable under it that can be placed anywhere.

In JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, a “stand” signifies a physical manifestation of someone’s life energy. In this case, it’s Mariah’s life energy. A stand typically appears over the stand user. (However, there are some stands throughout JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure that don’t have users). A stand has supernatural abilities and possesses the power of good or evil.

If you’re asking us, we think Bastet is the purrfect choice for a “stand” as she was, in ancient Egyptian times, seen as a protector and defender of godly abilities. Do you have a favorite stand? Let us know in the comments.

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