A Day “On” at A Cat Café

I was taught that for Martin Luther King Jr. Day, make it a day on, not a day off. The saying means to make sure you do something for the community. This year, I decided my service activity would be to volunteer at a cat café. I contacted three cat cafes, and Mt. Purrnon Café and Wine Bar in Alexandria, Virginia responded. The week before I went to Kittens in Cups, so I looked forward to how Mt. Purrnon would compare.

As soon as I arrived an hour before opening, the employees put me to work. I had limited experience with cats, but employees were helpful and informative. I felt part of the team and I appreciated the behind the scenes the owner gave me. She answered any questions I had.

By noon, the cat café was clean and ready to open. Guests arrived, and I hung in the background while the owner discussed all the cats ready for adoption at the establishment. Business seemed to run smoothly, so I prepared to leave.

In my time while I volunteered, I bonded with Penny, a chocolate-colored cat, and a black cat Nala, too. They approached me and I felt honored because I know they didn’t have to. I think they were naturally friendly cats. All the cats there seemed ready to get adopted.

With this being my second experience at a cat café/lounge, I began to feel like I could see myself with a cat in the future. There were still some things I needed to address in my personal life before I could adopt, but I liked the idea of a cat in the future. 

My best wishes to Mt. Purrnon! I was grateful to volunteer and I would do it again in a few months or on the next federal holiday.

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