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Our Story

Runa’s Cat Café in Southern Maryland provides friendly, fun, and relaxing vibes to get to know our adoptable cats, experience anime in a kawaii atmosphere, and grab a quick bite or drink. 

How To Adopt?

Runa’s Cat Café isn’t open until 2022. We don’t have any adoptable cats at this time, but we do volunteer alongside the Humane Society of Charles County (HSCC). If you wish to adopt a cat, you can apply through them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Nani? What? So, you want to know more about Runa’s Cat Café? Well, we have answers.

It’s a café/lounge and part adoption center for cats to socialize in a cage-free area. Patrons can hang out with the cats while food and drinks are in a separate area from the cats.

We plan to open the café and cat adoptions in 2022. But the rest of our business is open! Check out our merchandise, anime watch parties, and other events.

No. We don’t have any adoptable cats at this time. However, we recommend you visit the Humane Society of Charles County for adoptions.

No, but we’ll have plenty of cute cats at the café.

Yes. Your contribution helps us care for the cats’ well-being, like shelter, food, and toys.

Don't worry and hire a cat sitter❗ Runa's Cat Sitting is available in Charles County Maryland and some areas of St. Mary's. Link in bio. Here are 6 reasons to use our cat sitting services.

🐈 Cats can be happier and experience less stress at home.
🐈 Diet and playtime are uninterrupted.
🐈 No travel trauma for owner and furry friend.
🐈 Cats exposure to illness is minimized.
🐈 No longer bug your family/friends.
🐈 Enjoy peace of mind.

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I was good until one scene came 😭 This movie was such a fitting ending to the series. Make sure you have your tissue ready 🤧
#runascatcafe #violetevergarden #tearjerker

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Hey, you! Yes, I know I'm late 😅 but it's National Feral Cat Day 😺 Before the day's over, be sure to do your best cat walk. Here's some info about our feline friends

🐾 Feral cats live outdoors and avoid human contact.
🐾 Stray cats can become feral cats.
🐾 Feral cats pose no public health risk.

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Nani? 🙃 Whatchu mean you don't like cats? Oh, but you like dogs...nah 😂 #runascatcafe #redflag #cats #catjokes #catlovers #dogsarealright ...

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For those that missed it, Violet Evergarden: The Movie is OUT 🌸💜
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It's Indigenous People's Day. Some people are off while others aren't. Let Runa's Cat Sitting take care of your feline friends while you're away. We love cats and we'll care for yours, like family❤️🐾 Check the link in our bio for service near you. #runascatsitting #runascatcafe #catsitterswaldorf ...

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Shoko Saeki seems like the perfect art advisor 🎨 She gently corrects and guides Yatora Yaguchi, but allows him to make decisions. This is just a reminder to go after what you want and make sure you put in the work. Also, expect more posts about Blue Period. First episode got me hooked! #runascatcafe #blueperiod #shokosaeki #yatorayaguchi #animequote #animequotes #qotd #putinthework ...

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Blue Period is finally here 🔵 I watched the first episode. Check out Runa's blog in the Home link in the bio to read the review. #runascatcafe #blueperiod #yatorayaguchi #animereview ...

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Whatever you're doing, make sure you're confident about it 💖 We're looking for some confident people to join our team as cat sitters in Charles County. We'd love to have you and so would our furry friends. Click the "Apply" link in our bio. #runascatcafe #catsitterssouthernmd ...

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Growing up in the 90s, I knew about Neon Genesis Evangelion, but I never watched it. But, Netflix & Prime picked up the show, so I figured I'd watch.

So far, I've seen the '97 movie and Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon A Time and wow! I was amazed by the visuals, even though I wasn't sure about everything that was going on (besides Shinji's guilt.) Also, I learned what primordial soup was from this show, so there's that. But, great show and a fitting ending to the series.

If you haven't seen the show, I recommend it. #classicanime #animefan #runascatcafe #neongenesisevangelion

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STOP! Don't use that Neosporin on your cat 🙀

Schedule a vet appointment to get an ointment prescribed. Or use sterile gauze, vet wraps, and antiseptic solutions on your pet if you're at home.

We've taken the time to compile a list of first aid items for your cat. We hope you find them helpful. Check them out in the "First Aid Kit" link in our bio 👈🏿 #runascatcafe #firstaidcat
Photo credit Sprucepets

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Happy Monday! Yes, we are hiring 😺 Come join our team in southern Maryland. Click the "Apply" link in our bio. #runascatcafe #catsitterssouthernmd #nowhiringwaldorf #nowhiringcharlescountymd ...

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Good morning! The big announcement is here. RCC is looking for cat sitters. We're a group of cat-caring individuals and we'd love for you to join our team 😻 If you're interested and in the Charles County MD area, click the "Apply" link in our bio ⬅️
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Runa's has some big news next week 👀 We're just going to do some finishing touches. Have a good weekend! #runascatcafe ...

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I'm not crying. You're crying 😭 I just finished watching. Check out my review. Click "Home" in the bio link and visit the "Blog" tab. #runascatcafe #comingofage #animereviews #ToYourEternity ...

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Clap it up 👏🏿 You made it halfway through the week. Cat sunglasses available in "Pet Accessories" link in bio 👈🏿😎
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We're not the cat café w/anime for nothing. Happy Friday! Check out our hot, new ANIME unisex shirt 🔥 Get it at Runa's Shop. Link in bio. #runascatcafe #anime #animeapparel #animeapparelshop #catsandanime #purrfectapparel ...

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Many animals have been displaced due to Hurricane Ida. If you can, rescue a pet and adopt. Visit your local shelter and see about @americanhumane ...

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生きがい roughly translates to "reason for being" in Japanese. That's the kanji form. The romanji form of the Japanese word is "ikigai".

On the Calm app this morning, the narrator focused on finding ikigai. For me, it's my business and my future family whatever that may look like.

What brings meaning to your life? I challenge you to find your ikigai.

#生きがい #ikigai #runascatcafe

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